About Us

Who We Are

Pets Planet Shopee is an oasis of information purveyed by a team of knowledgeable animal lovers who guide their clients toward carefully curated food, supplements and supplies that help facilitate their animals but overall nutritional and emotional health.

The shop was founded on the belief that there should be a single place where pet owners can receive well informed, up to date information about how best to nourish their animals via a biologically appropriate diet thus paving the way for a life of optimum wellness and joy.

Being a pet lover, we understand this everything about the pet, so we have 360 degree solutions for your pet because YOUR PET WE CARE.

Our Experience

Clients do not leave Pets Planet Shopee with a simple bag with a simple bag of supplies, they leave armed exponentially the overall joy and health of their animals.

At Pets Planet Shopee we understand that your pet is a part of the family because we are devoted pet lovers too. we have been providing pets everything they need to live healthy, happy and active lives for more than 30 years.

At our friendly, neighborhood stores you will find a great solution of pet foods treats, toys and accessories, along with animal care experts who are specially trained to help you find the best nutrition and products for your pets, all at competitive prices.

Pets Planet Shopee is deeply committed to giving back.

We Connect Pet Parents
with People who' ll treat
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Our Goal

Every pet deserves special core and we realise that pet owners have a major responsibility for the health and the welfare of their pet family. The company supplies premium products to provide your pet, the healthiest and happiest life’s.

Our goals is to let pet owners continue and boost their pet’s health and well being, without having to spend a substantial amount.

The Pets Planet shopee will be constantly adding, successful line of All-Natural Products and remain aggressive in terms of expanding its presence in the coming years.

We are a community of animal lovers, a brand that encourages a better understanding our furry friends and aims to make their world a healthier, happier one.

Pets Planet Shopee is the oldest retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of every pet.